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KAT. The Texas Tornado. © November 26, 2006 by Blue Sleighty


What possessed me to pull intoTHAT parking lot THAT day, I will never know.

Revisiting the past, I guess.


Many years of working in night clubs and booking musical talent into clubs got me through my youth. But, after a while I thought it was best to find a new and more respectable way to make a living. So, I did a 180 degree turn, and became an information manager. I left the world I had grown to love. The world of bars, night life, artists and musicians, and joined the suits in corporate America. And, I actually love my work in many ways. The pay is great, which is what draws me to the field of information management, rather than being an artist, booking bands and bartending which is what I TRULY love. However, being an information manager is exciting and fascinating to me. Especially when I get to travel to foreign lands and I am working on major capital projects, and I have every single piece of the information, no matter how confidential. I find it very interesting. More fascinating than fiction. The major players in this world are a shrewd bunch, and I love to attend upper management meetings and witness major high dollar negotiations. It is decidedly more interesting than anything ever offered on television, as far as I'm concerned. Obviously two completely different worlds I am talking about here, corporate America, and the club business.

On occasion, during the course of my day I will let my mind wander. It is then that I can smell the beer and the smoke and hear the jukebox playing, and I just have to go to a bar. The bar business gets into your blood. If I had the money today- I would buy a bar, dump my career, and get back into the bar business with no regrets. I LOVE it, and I miss it. I appreciate live music and love the art crowd. I actually feel out of place in the corporate world. More like an actress pulling off a part. I am respected and well paid, but, they don't know the real me. They don't WANT to know the real me. They have no idea where I came from. No idea that I am a lesbian. No CLUE that I came from 'another world'. The bar business is a rather subversive world, in a broader sense of the word. We were certainly not concerning ourselves with overthrowing any governments. Politics was the last thing on our minds. But- we were living life on our own terms, and going to great lengths to have that privilege.

My real life has become something that I have to hide. It is a conscious choice of mine, obviously. That is the part of my new career that I truly hate. The great trade-off. I can no longer be me. I have sold out. I have to hide EVERYTHING about myself. I have to try to look as mousy and drab as I possibly can, too. The other women that I work with do not like for me to be pretty. And they hate that I'm thin. I guess that if on top of all of that they knew I was a lesbian, they would just run me out of town on a rail. Who knew I could ever suck so bad? I heard someone say "I would rather be hated for who I am than loved for who I am not." Makes me feel like crap about myself every time I think about it. Because the "me" that I pretend to be at work does not in any way resemble the "me" that I truly am. I can't talk about any of my accomplishments, because my accomplishments would not please them. My art and writing are all pretty much erotic. So, being a lesbian, I can't talk about my art, my writing, or anyone I have ever loved or lived with. No mention of past lovers, or my feelings. It's stressful. If I ever get a girlfriend, I'll have to hide it. I can't talk about ANYTHING personal. I just pretend I no longer have sex, and that I had a marriage so bad that when it ended- my sexual side ended with it. I would never admit to being gay. Not in the corporate world. I will sell out everything about myself but love, sex, and my art. Those things I hold sacred. The rest of me, it seems, is a total whore.


When I worked in the bar business, my sexuality was not something that I hid. And, people dealt with me more honestly. If someone had a problem with me- we met it head on. I was never fired for being gay when I worked in the bar business. My employers felt that me being gay just made me more interesting. I have seen many gay people forced out of big companies, however, in the corporate world. It even happened to me. I was "laid off" for being gay. But, officially it was for looking at an inappropriate web site. I got too relaxed with my behavior, and visited a website that I should not have visited while I was at work, one day. And while the website was on my computer screen, that day, the company attorney, Mr. ASSHOLE Nance walked by my desk and saw a webring banner on my screen. The website I was looking at had a webring membership in The Lesbian Connection (which, ironically, I now operate and manage) and the banner was proudly emblazoned across the bottom of the website. Of course, ASSHOLE Nance immediately told the company CEO (who also was the majority stockholder and was therefore the owner) about my transgression.
After that incident, the owner/CEO had his CHRISTJESUS connection come into my office and shake my hand. I'm pretty sure that he was sent to feel my hand and sense supernaturally whether or not I was filled with demons and heinousness. I'm sure he was qualified. He was a country hick minister from some little Texas town, who was sucking the boss out of money in every way he could think of. At that moment he was getting money for a ministry mission in Acapulco (got to save those folks in Acapulco) just as 'the boss' had recently started trying to buy his way into HEAVEN (the boss was giving the hick PLENTY of cash). The hick was, of course, 'pre-warned' of my foulness, and acted like he had gotten shit on his hand, when he touched me. He literally grimaced and said "eeEeew" when he held my hand for too long. The owner gasped, audibly. Let him get a witness. I was laid off two weeks later. Point is: I learned that I had better stay in the closet if I wanted to keep my job, when working in a corporate environment. My family never disowned me for being gay. I have many straight friends who love me, and accept me, and are always happy to meet my girlfriends. Of course, I never have time to see any of them because I'm always working. I really hate having to be so secretive. I was sick of it. Sick of being in a world where the only acceptable lifestyle didn't appeal to me anymore than their republican politics. I needed a break. I needed to go back to my roots. I could no longer stand what seemed to be a constant attack. I don't know how I could feel under attack when I was in silence, but I did.


I stood across from my boss, who was seated at his desk, waiting for him to sign a really important letter, so I could formally issue it to our contractor. As he ignored me, and dicked around with his Blackberry, I let my mind wander, and took in the view of downtown Houston over his shoulder through the huge picture window behind him. It was beautiful. His office was beautiful. Lots of black leather, and chrome and glass. Floor-to-ceiling windows. I could see the skyline. It beckoned. I could hear it calling me . . .

Beautiful afternoons are THE BEST, in my opinion. For me, there is nothing like taking a look out the window, and letting the imp take over. It's thrilling. Skin longing for the caressing warmth of the sun, and the whisk of a cooling breeze. Mind craving a break. Discussion of nonsense. Absurdity. Or silence. Find a moment to get carried away by. I was in the mood to be open to just about anything. I was on the lookout for trouble to get into. An escape from the constant focus of career concerns. I suddenly had to go someplace where I could take off this fucking costume. This fucking SUIT. Some place where someone would remember ME. It seemed like I had forgotten who I was. I wondered if people could really reinvent themselves. And I wondered if I liked myself this way. I imagined myself fucking some beautiful waitress on a pool table, after hours, somewhere, bodies writhing and soaked in sweat, and I imagined myself RIGHT NOW, with my current boss with this desk between us, and me looking over his shoulder, and me getting fucked in a whole new way. Suddenly, I wanted to laugh out loud. I bit my tongue. I tried to take a hard look and decide. But, I couldn't force myself to do it. I didn't feel like analyzing myself that deeply at that moment. I knew I had to get out of there, though. I needed a pair of jeans and a tank top. Some huarachis. Too much blush and some lip gloss. Fuck it.

"Mr. Sharpman, I have a dental appointment," I suddenly announced. I HAD to escape!

I was halfway out the door, and babbling, "I will have Ms. Johnson in the contractor's Doc Control call Jody when the procedures you guys want to review are ready. I will check on line from my laptop for any electronic information exchange, and if I see anything appear in our ftp folder- I will forward it to you immediately. I promise." I looked at him with the most sincere look I could create. "Bye."

Mr. Sharpman looked at me sternly, and sighed. "OK, Blue." Apparently he thought I should stay.

I sure hoped he got over it, as I covered forty feet of hallway in about eight strides. I was out of there.

I went to my office, locked up all of my company secrets, signed off of my computer, and found myself down the elevator and in the parking garage, fifteen minutes later. The 'chirp' of my car's alarm system reminded me of it's location in the parking garage as I practically skipped to my sapphire blue RX8. Custom paint. Sweet. I loved driving that car. And I was bursting inside from happiness and relief from the intensity of my job as I got into my car and rolled out of that parking lot. I was reclaiming myself and my freedom, even if only for a stolen moment. My heart soared as I entered the street that would lead me to my super-highway to home, only a few blocks down and to the left.

Witness THIS. Assholes.


The sky was clear and blue. The flowing air was cool in extreme contrast to the intense heat of the Texas sun. My car's sun roof was open, and the wind danced gently with my long blond hair which glimmered like gold in the sunlight. My speedometer lit up amber at 70 MPH as I eased into the racing flow of traffic. My sunglasses shielded my eyes from the blinding glare of el sol with their fashionable blue metal rims and gradient lenses. My car sparkled iridescently carting me down the highway in a style that made me proud in a shallow sort of way. Did those things really make me happy? Hell, YES. I'd be happy enough without them, too, though. I was considering a serious change in my lifestyle. Right now, I was just looking for adventure.

Driving through a familiar, but long avoided area of town, I was suddenly overcome by nostalgia. The names of the streets I passed, I remembered from the days I when I worked at the Blue Note Club, where I met my first girlfriend Bette and worked for my old boss Ken Carpenter and his jealous wife Kathleen. I took the next right, onto a street where Kat's club, Chatty Kathy was. Ken had bought the business for her over ten years before in an effort to keep her busy and out of his hair. Kathleen (everyone called her Kat) was insanely jealous, and did extreme and outrageous things when she was incited to act out. She could be a tirade of destruction when she lost her temper. She once drove a brand new Corvette (that she had paid for only hours before with her husband's money) right through the front door of the Blue Note. I laughed out loud at the memory of that night. A serious wake-up call for Ken, that his wife would NEVER be able to handle his career. Buying that club for Kat worked for Ken, alright. Kat made her club into a popular spot, earning herself a very steady and respectable income. Then she decided she didn't need Ken anymore, and left him and his "philandering ways", as she described it. Last I had heard, she was still running Chatty Kathy, and still doing very well. Ken sold the Blue Note Club, and his King of Clubs, and moved his and Kat's three sons and himself back to where Ken was raised, on Galveston Island. His parents were wealthy, and had a large home. They reluctantly welcomed Ken and his three rowdy boys into their peaceful world.

The world changed for everyone who depended on Ken, that day.

The sale of those clubs, and the dissolution of Ken and Kathleen's marriage meant the end of life as many people knew it. All of my fellow employees and I were forced to find new jobs. We eventually lost contact with all of the people that we had grown to know and love as regular clientele. And, of course, Ken and Kat's family had much to adjust to. I often wondered how Kat could just let her children go, like that. I knew I could never do that.

But, experience has taught me that no matter how much things may change, everything really remains the same. I decided to roll my car up into a safe looking parking spot, in front of Chatty Kathy's, and I got out. The entire parking lot was covered with beer bottle tops. Five zillion tons of them, I guess. I hadn't seen that parking lot solution since I was a little girl. I assessed the outside of the little neighborhood ice house. I had not seen the place in years. It looked the same. The weather was so nice, that the overhead doors were up. This was a real ice house. They actually sold ice, and provided an outstanding place to hang out and socialize. I had glanced at their ad in the paper a time or two. They offered live music several nights a week, "Steak Night" on Thursdays, and a lot of other entertaining social activities. The club was kind of "off the beaten path". Who would think it would draw such a crowd? My curiosity was piqued. The parking lot was full, and it was only 3:00 in the afternoon. Apparently, a lot of people had walked up. It was in the middle of a very cool residential area. The place was packed.

I took a good look around at the crowd. A really good look. And I realized that I was one of many gay customers. The newspaper ads had left out that part. And, I had not really kept in touch with Kat, much. I removed my sunglasses. I couldn't help but laugh out loud again as I looked around at the place. I loved it. I sure as hell wasn't expecting THAT. And, I wondered why I had never heard about the gay clientele before.
Very comfortable.
Very funky.

I found a spot at the end of the bar nearest to me as I walked in. At the other end, which was about twenty feet away, I saw her. Kathleen. Kat. She noticed me at about the same time I spotted her. She always kept an eye on the door. A big, beautiful smile lit up her always pretty face. I smiled back. My heart soared, I was so happy to see her. Kat was prettier than a Barbie doll. There was something just astoundingly sexy about her. Her body was excellent. Beautiful large enough breasts, and a firm, round, ass. Tiny waist. Square jaw. Black eyes and white teeth. Kat's hair was like a mink. Dark at the roots, then ash blond and dark at the tips. I never understood how she got that to happen. Looked great, though. She looked like she had never given birth. Her body looked terrific, and her skin was smooth and tanned. I watched her as Kat excused herself from her conversation, and raced to me as fast as a person can across rubber mats - dodging cases of beer bottles - open cash register drawers, and bartenders. She came from around the bar, and walked right up to me with arms wide open.

I almost felt like crying. Her embrace felt so good and familiar. I felt kind of sick as I realized what the real problem was. I was lonely. DAMN I hated to admit that to myself.

I had felt her arms around me before. Several times over the years. (If I only had a pair of jeans, and a tank top- all would be well). When Kathleen wasn't terrorizing her husband, she was a wonderful and loving woman. She had never done anything to hurt me. She had always treated me as her friend. With Kat in my arms, I had to admire her slim figure, and the firmness of her body against me. Her full firm melon breasts pressed against me, and her arms closed around my waist. I pulled her towards me with my arms under hers. She kissed me on the mouth with a wide, white perfect smile. And I smiled too as she pulled away and looked into my eyes with genuine kindness and interest. And warmth. Warmth it seemed I hadn't felt in such a very long time. It felt so great to be with someone who had known me for so long, and who loved me for who I really was. She put a warm hand on my cheek and kissed me again, softly.

Kathleen sparkled with life. "I think about you, you know? I wondered when you'd finally show up, Blue Sleighty. What the hell took you so long?" Kathleen looked me dead on in the eye like she expected a full explanation. I sighed before I looked away. I took a pull off of the beer that had appeared in front of me at some point. "I told the bartender you wanted a Michelob on my way over. You still drink that?" Kathleen smiled.

"I can't believe you remember that! Yes. I still drink that. But- I still remember what you drink, too. Vodka in practically anything. I can remember you going on a Vodka and Crystal Light kick once." We both laughed.

"Yes. I'm on a vodka and cranberry juice 'kick' right now. It's when I start drinking dry martinis that you have to start worrying." We were both still laughing and catching up on each others news. I was telling her my woes with the corporate business world, Kathleen caught me up on Ken, her boys, the bar, and life in general. Every single statement that we made seemed to set us off in new peels of laughter. Finally, I had to ask.

"So, tell me, Kathleen. How'd you end up with a gay bar?"
"Well. I'm not quite sure how it evolved. It just sort of . . . happened. You know?" Kat had a sexy voice.
I waited for further explanation.
"Really." Kathleen nodded her head. "See? Somehow it worked out that a lot of the sales reps on this route were lesbian and gay. And I have a new reputation of being an out-spoken feminist. And, I hired a book keeper who is a lesbian. I just don't trust men with my money, nor do I trust women who are under the influence of men." Kathleen kind of shuddered and took a sip of a bright red drink that the bartender had brought over.
"I hear you." I took a drink of my beer, and nodded in agreement.
"There are a lot of gay people in this neighborhood. And they like that they can walk over. A lot of people like being able to do that. NO ONE can afford to get a DWI in the state of TEXAS. It is best that you walk to the bar that you plan to drink at, if you can't afford a cab. A first offense DWI will cost you at a very minimum, $8000.00, and usually costs over three times that much, and will rob you of future job opportunities, and possibly future admission into an institution of higher learning. It ALWAYS means jail or prison, in varying sentences. And it ALWAYS means at least a year of probation. It also means that for the rest of your life you will get harassed by law officers any time that you get stopped by one. Your insurance will at LEAST double, and you will be forced to pay a surcharge to the Department of Public Safety for THREE YEARS at $1000.00 each year."
"Isn't that kind of talk bad for business, Kat?" I laughed, looking around to see who was listening.
"Hell. I don't care if it is. I hate to see people go through all of that CRAP. I see it all the time. I'm damned SICK of it. You can't FIGHT the system, but- you CAN stop giving them all of your money. Yes. Well, it is taking these things into consideration that has helped make my bar into a success."
"Yes. That's great of you. Because, it can happen to ANYBODY. People do not realize that after only 2 or 3 drinks, in the state of Texas- you are legally drunk. And the pigs . . . uh, . . . cops can stop you for ANY REASON, now. If they stop you because you have a tail light out, they can still take you to jail if they think you are drunk. Even if you don't take a breathalyzer." I added.
"Well, don't you worry Blue. If you have more than 2 or 3, I'll take care of you. I promise." Kat smiled flirtatiously and looked me up and down. "With your business suit on." Kat smiled, and raised her eyebrow. She was such an attractive woman. She was from Lafayette, Louisiana. But, she moved to Texas while she was a young girl. She came from a large family. Nine girls and a boy. When Kathleen was 16, her father disappeared. No one ever found him, and he was never heard from again. With her father gone, her mother couldn't take care of all ten children. So, one of Kathleen's aunts agreed to take all of the teenagers, with the understanding that they were all going to be put to work in her aunt's bar which was in Galveston, Texas.

Kathleen, and her two older sisters, and one younger sister moved to Texas. They worked in their aunt's bar as agreed, and it was work that all of the girls enjoyed. They got plenty of attention. A year after Kathleen moved to Galveston, she met Ken. Two years after that, she married him. Within five years, her sisters had gotten married, too. A lot had changed since then.

I considered the possibilities as Kat continued her subtle advances on me. "I see you've learned to flirt with the ladies," I brushed off Kat's attention in a last second decision to keep a cool head about myself and resist temptation. I walked off towards the jukebox, glancing back at Kat.
"I've learned to do more than that with the ladies, Blue." Kat said loud enough for me to hear and smiled slyly over her shoulder, as she walked back towards the end of the bar to sign some delivery tickets, while the afternoon deliveries were being checked in. Good LORD her jeans fit so very well, I noticed as she walked away.

I thoroughly checked out the juke box. I wasn't quite sure what to think of Kat. I got really tired of straight women that for various reasons felt like the way to deal with me being gay was to climb all over me. I guess it was better than uncomfortable nervous laughter and fidgeting. I decided not to make too much of it, and just be nice and let Kat flirt if she wanted to flirt. The evening was not yet upon us. Kat was getting off of work soon. She would be leaving, so I decided to enjoy the company of my old friend, while I had the opportunity. I punched the buttons on the jukebox. Kat was still a big supporter of local music. I used to book these bands, myself. I smiled when I saw all of the local talent featured on the CD's in her jukebox. I punched the buttons beside Ian Moore's,
Big City Blues CR.
Goes like this:

Skinny Dipping in the Perdenales River
Country girls can surely make me shiver
Right now that's just what I could use
Help shake these big city blues . . .

I selected Judgement Day Blues by Carolyn Wonderland, and Dilana's Screwed Up and Tired, which is a very interesting mix of country and reggae, and MOTHER Mother which is punk with an occasional definite influence from Jethro Tull, and a little metal thrown in here and there. Dilana is a very diverse artist. The jukebox was great. It had my official seal of approval.

I turned around and checked out the room. Looking for familiar faces. I saw a few people that I had seen before. No one that I had ever hung out with. I recognized people who used to come into the club where I worked for Kat's husband. EX-husband. Great to see them, and to see a smile and a nod telling me, "yes, I know who you are. Good to see you." I was starting to feel better about things. I found it very soothing to be in Kat's place. It was what I needed. I looked toward the spot where I had been standing before I went to the juke box. Kat waited for me there with an inviting smile.

"Hey," I greeted, as I edged back in next to Kat. "I LOVE your jukebox! GREAT music!"
"You, know? I always think of YOU when I get music for the jukebox. You always had the best taste in music. You could spot a success a mile a way, too. I can't even count all of the singers and bands that have gotten super popular that you used to book for Ken. You are really a good judge of talent, Blue."
"Thanks, Kat. Means a lot to me coming from you." I meant it. "I miss it. The whole business."
"You can always come to work for me, Blue. I mean that."
"Never can tell, Kat. I might take you up on that."
"What are you doing tonight, Blue. After here, I mean?"
"This is pretty much it, Kat. Next stop from here is home."
"Why don't you come over to my house and visit for a while? I get off in about a half an hour. Of course- being the owner I can leave whenever I want. But, when I schedule myself to work- I like to go by the book and be fair to my employees." Kat sipped at her drink. "Then, maybe you can tell me all about what is going on in your life these days, and why tonight was the night you decided to stop by."
"And what if I would rather talk about YOU?"
"I guess we'll see, Blue Sleighty."

She was SO attractive. She made my mouth dry. My heart skipped a beat. I felt reluctant, because I was starting to feel things and consider possibilities that I somehow felt I shouldn't be feeling. But, then, I reminded myself, I ALWAYS feel reluctant.

"Come on, Blue."
"Really? I don't fucking believe it! You're a hermit. You swear you won't back out?"
"Sure! When are we going?" This was totally against my nature, and my rules. But- she was an old friend. A really sexy and beautiful old friend that was coming on to me like a Mack Truck.
"I don't know. Whenever you want. Do you want to have a couple of drinks first? Are you hungry? Actually, I have all we could possibly want to eat or drink at home. Unless you would just prefer to take me out to a fabulous restaurant." Kat winked mischievously. I smiled as I wondered why I did shit like this.

Kat was obviously excited about having company. I put to rest all of my reasons why I'd rather go home, which were mostly coming from my reclusive side, and began to look forward to a nice evening with Kat. It had been a long time since I spent any time with her, or anyone else who knew me in the days before I started wearing these suits. And, I knew that nothing I might do or say would offend Kat. I relished the opportunity to talk without leaving anything out.

The jukebox was shutdown as the DJ took over. He played CLASH's

Darling you got to let me know
Should I stay or should I go
If you say that you are mine
I'll be here 'til the end of time
So you got to let me know
Should I stay or should I go

It's always tease, tease, tease
You're happy when I'm on my knees
One day is fine, the next is black
So if you want me off your back
Well come on and let me know
Should I Stay or should I go

Should I stay or should I go now
Should I stay or should I go now
If I go there will be trouble
An' if I stay it will be double
So come on and let me know

Should I commit or should I blow . . . ?

The music was getting a little loud, and the volume continued to increase as the hour got later. That is a little trick used in the bar biz, to get the crowd in a festive mood. A good DJ can control the crowd's mood with his (or her) music. A good DJ can make every couple on the dance floor fall in love. Or at least get lucky.

As the music got louder, the closer Kat stood to me. And, soon, she was standing right against me and talking into my ear. She held my bicep with both hands and her lips touched my ear. Her voice was at the precise volume and pitch to make a maddening vibration as she spoke. I could feel her breath soft and hot. It was getting me awfully excited. I really didn't want to get turned on. I suggested that we move to a quieter spot, so she wouldn't have to talk into my ear. I didn't want to let things get out of hand. And, we moved, but there really wasn't a quieter spot. So I decided to make a point. I put my lips against her ear softly. "Kat. Do you realize how it feels when someone talks into your ear like that?" I took a deep breath, softly and slowly through my mouth, right against her ear, and exhaled, slow and warm as I continued, "it is a HUGE turn on. So- why don't we leave like we planned and go talk where it is not so loud before I fuck you RIGHT HERE in front of your clientele?" I leaned back with a raised eyebrow to give her some shit. I caught her regaining her composure. She blushed, but gave me a sexy look. I was beginning to wonder just what Kat had in mind. I hoped she knew that what I said was a joke.

"Girl!!! . . . ," I scolded her. "Let's GO. And YOU need to BEHAVE." I looked at her sternly, and then smiled.

I followed Kat in my car to her townhouse. Georgia Satellites were playing "Keep Your Hands to Yourself". Got to love cosmic foreshadowing. She had a very nice place close to her club. It was so perfect, I was almost afraid to touch anything. "OK? So where are we supposed to sit?" I laughed. "Everything in here is WHITE. How is it possible to live like this?"

"Oh, shut up. Can I get you anything?" Kathleen asked. "I have a MAID, goober. You think I'm going to do a bunch of cleaning house after I work for 12 hours or more? PLEASE. I'd go without cable television and wear nothing but resale before I would go without a good maid. I don't WANT to do it all. It's too damned HARD to work AND take care of a big house all by yourself. What I need is a wife."
"Yeah, that's why I live in a small house." I paused for a moment and confessed. "Hell, I'm just jealous." I snickered. I followed Kat through her beautiful home to a great sitting area in the back of the house. Through French doors there was a large patio, and a beautiful pool. Small, but, big enough. I loved it. It was beautifully landscaped and lit in well placed, very seductive and romantic lighting. I couldn't see how this was going to remain an innocent evening. I shook my head as I took in the view.

Kat had vanished to her bedroom. I found a bathroom down the hall, used it and took a look at myself. I took a deep breath.

As far as I could see there was only one thing to do to break the ice. I took the pool up on it's cool blue invitation and as I made my way towards the patio I started unbuttoning that fucking suit . . .

I walked back out towards the pool wrapped in a towel that I had found in her bathroom. But, Kat had beaten me to it. There she was already in the pool. Looking beautiful in the buff. She had brought some champagne with her. My favorite. Veuve Clicquot di Ponsardin. I dropped my towel, watchin Kat look me over, and slid into her pool. It was heated. The water felt warm. I moved through the water advancing with some effort against it's resistance. It felt so sexy against my naked flesh. I reached Kat as she gestured for me to take the glass of champagne. I took the crystal flute from her slender, wet hand. I raised my glass. "To excellent times," Kat toasted.

"Hey! That's MY line." I sipped the champagne enjoying the cold bubbles. I enjoyed the strange distortion that the water caused as I looked at Kat's body through the water.

Kat looked at me dead in the eye. She wasn't smiling. I knew that look. I didn't look away and before I knew it the music filled my ears and Kat filled my arms and I felt her body ripple through the water and then her coarse bush somewhat softened in the water brush against my thigh. Her breasts slipped against mine in the warm bubbling water. I swallowed hard.

PINK was singing OH MY GOD. Kat looked into my eyes and kissed me. I let myself go where Kat was leading me. I shut off the voices that explained the reasons why it was a bad idea. My body was on fire. I kissed Kat and it seemed like every pass of her tongue against mine stoked the heat higher. And, I could hardly stand it as it was. She was beautiful. I had loved her for years, in a different way. And, now, this. I suddenly couldn't wait to taste her. I reached down and found her cunt. My fingers intruded into her soft folds, finding her slick with cum.

"We need to go inside," I knew that what I said had more than one meaning, but- both meanings were true and we would enjoy it much more inside the house. Because I intended to make her come. I kissed Kat, enjoying her tongue.

"OK" Kat moved through the water towards the pool steps.

Then we were out of the pool. I was feeling out of control.

I saw Kat in the doorway of her bedroom. She whispered, "come here". I did as she asked. I felt absurd at the quickness of my breath. I wanted her. I craved her. I could not wait to feel her wetness and taste her. And then, I noticed something out of the corner of my eye. On the bed. I ripped my lips from Kat's.

On her bed. There was a dildo ready to go in a black leather harness.

"Do you want to explain that?" I pointed in disbelief. I thought it was humorous, though. But, GOD I wanted her. Everything was confused.

Kat said, "you really care, right now?"

"Not fucking much." My breath came quicker as my desire grew more intense. I got up and grabbed the package and strapped it on. It took no time, as I was very familiar with where everything went. Strap on sex was my weakness.

Kat lay on her big king sized bed. God she was sexy. I pulled the black leather straps on the harness tightly through the stainless steel d-rings, drawing the realistic looking cock tightly against my body. The dildo she had chosen was made to ejaculate. She had filled it with hot water. I was never so surprised to find the rig layed out on her bed, but the sexual tension that had been building all day begged for release and I knew we could talk later.

I lay down beside her. "You feel this hard, hot cock against your thigh?" I whispered in her ear through gasping breath. "It's full of cum. I can't wait to shoot it inside of you." I thrust my hips forward against her to accentuate what I had just said. Kat moaned and held the big cock in her hand. I looked down to see her fingers grasping it, almost unable to fit around it's circumference. I could imagine how she felt. Hell, I wanted it in ME, too. I reached down to stroke her cunt and felt the wetness pouring from her. Her kisses burned. I knew what she wanted. I grasped the big hard cock as Kat moved her hand to my ass. and rubbed the thick tip against Kat's clit. It slipped easily up and down her, and I slipped it down to the entrance of her cunt, the tip resting there while I kissed her.

I positioned myself between Kat's bent knees. She drew them up against her body exposing her pussy to the probing dick. I knelt at the opening of her cunt and then positioned my body over hers. The big hard cock strapped to my lower pelvis pointed at her cunt . I moved the big cock back to the opening of her vagina. Kat winced from pain. The cock was really thick and ribbed with veins, and her cunt was so tiny. Tiny but soaked with slickness and I knew she wanted that cock inside of her. I pushed my hips forward, filling her cunt with just the blunt head of the strap on cock. I stopped for a moment as Kat cried out from pain, waiting for her to adjust. I lingered until I felt her hips thrust towards me, and then I pushed the big cock inside of her to the hilt, as deeply as she could take it in one hard stroke, pushing against Kat's clit as I stroked in and out of her pussy.

A mirror on the wall beside us allowed us to watch ourselves as we moved together in passion. Kat wrapped her legs around my pounding hips, as I fucked her hot cunt. Kat gasped as each stroke inside her hot wetness took her closer to the edge of climax.

"GOD, it feels so GOOD, I don't want you to ever stop."

"Do you want me to come inside of you? Do you want to feel me shoot it into you?"

The words sent us both over the edge. I reached down and squeezed the 'balls' of the strap on dildo, shooting hot jets into Kat's cunt. I kissed her as she cried out in pleasure.


Hours later we awoke, still joined from our pleasure of earlier, me still on top of her. "I don't want you to leave me, Blue. Please stay."

I wasn't sure what she meant, but I knew she would always be in my heart and in my life.

I didn't get up.

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