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Erotic Art Appreciation
Please enjoy the erotic work that fantasy and pinup model Masuimi Max has inspired . . .

Here are just a few works of Masuimii Max by Olivia DeBerardinis.
(I have permission to use these. YOU do NOT. Do not use these files without permission from the ARTIST! )



Masuimi has posed for a number of paintings by modern pin up artists and is also featured on the cover of famed pin up artist Olivia's book "American Geisha" The Art of Olivia III. Original paintings and prints now available at get 10% off any order by using this coupon code: MySecretObsession-1

Masuimi Max is a true Bizarre icon, and one of the best models we’ve ever worked with on the magazine. Every shoot we’ve done with Masuimi has been a red-hot classic, and she’s now one of the best-loved models with Bizarre readers – in fact, as Masuimi’s such an inspirational figure, there are thousands of models across the globe who owe their career to her. If it weren’t for Masuimi, the world of alternative modeling would be a much less vibrant and exciting place. And, to top it all off, she’s incredibly good fun to be around, funny as hell, and full of great stories. Masuimi, Bizarre salutes you! - David McComb editor of Bizarre Magazine

Masuimi Max is a performance artist and model who has inspired me to do some of my best work. Many of these paintings are in my book "American Geisha," and she will be in my upcoming book "Malibu Cheesecake." The way she contorts her body, making her look like a toy,is part of her unique style and energy. Joel and I love her. l will always be painting Masuimi Max! - Olivia, Pinup art of Olivia De Berardinis

Masuimi Max has single handedly set the standard for up and coming alternative models. Masuimi has the innate ability to morph her image from one dynamic look to the next. It's always an amazing experience when you shoot with Masuimi Max.... you never know what you'll get. But it will be amazing... guaranteed. - Jonny Coffin, Coffin Case

Masuimi Max is an inspirational performance artist who elevates any project she is involved in. Hands down she is today's top fetish model, yet her greatest strength is her diversity and ability to transcend beyond the fetish world. - Sean Cummings, Publisher, Alt Magazine

I met Masuimi Max back in 2005 for a shoot, I had no idea what kind of model she was until all my girlfriends told me how jealous they were. Over the years we have shot a ton. She is every photographers dream model, as she understands her body, face and movements perfectly with a non-diva attitude. Just like hanging out with an awesome naked friend. I'm blessed to have so many great photos to share with everyone of Masuimi and hope to make 100's more in the future.
- Ellen Stagg, The Stagg Party

I've looked up to Masuimi since I was 17, I always loved her photos and her doll like looks. If you dont know who this girl is you are crazy. She is an original. - Raquel Reed

A little Masuimi Max history . . .

Early life

Max started stripping at the age of 18 to make money after her family had disowned her when she was 17. Her stripping routine included elements of fetish and burlesque dancing.

Modeling and acting


Masuimi Max has appeared in dozens of magazines and photoshoots, as well as music videos. She was also an import model for a short period posing for car magazines. Max has appeared in several movies, including Here Lies Lonely (1999) and The Devil's Muse (2007) and was widely seen in XXX: State of the Union (2005). She also makes personal appearances at car shows. Max appeared in the Tiger Army music video "Rose of the Devil's Garden" and as a contestant in the reality television game show Fear Factor where she ate a potato bug. She also has a brief cameo at the end of the movie Inland Empire by David Lynch as a girl with the blonde wig who has a monkey.




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