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Running Through the Hills by Blue Sleighty © Property of My Secret Obsession


The sound of the rhythmic, "Crunch . . . Crunch . . . Crunch . . . Crunch", of my thick, springy, rubber-cleat-soled boots, stepping on the loose gravel along side of the road in near-perfect time to Lisa's, was growing annoying as hell to me. We had lapsed into silence as we walked along in the darkness of night. Silence between close friends is not as difficult as silence between the unfamiliar. But, silence between close friends in a 'tiff' is a bit tense and rife with angst. We hadn't seen a car since the motor of Lisa's Acura ceased to turn. And, as we had run out of gas and, we were now stranded in the middle of BF Egypt, with no where to run to, we were stuck with dealing with each other, no matter how we felt. " . . . nowhere to run to, baby, . . . nowhere to hide . . ." Martha and the Vandellas. Now that song was installed in my brain, and running on a continuous loop.
Overhead, the sky was strewn with stars like diamonds on a Prussian blue velvet quilt, scattered as carelessly as a hand casting forth seeds for the birds to peck. Texas skies over hundreds of miles of highways and country roads cutting through the middle of no where. There was no moon for added light, and there was a chill in the air that clashed with the heat still rising off of the dark, oily pavement, that made the road. Hours of scorching heat absorbed from the intense, blazing Texas sun still escaped in its lazy rise from the miles of dark asphalt. Were it daytime, it would be visible as the heat caused a wavy visual distortion in its rise. But, we walked through pitch, blue-black darkness. It was difficult to see anything at all. Under different circumstances, it could have been very romantic. But we were, unfortunately, a little tense.

We had enjoyed our visit with my father. His ranch was very relaxing and there was plenty to do there. Swimming, horses, dirt bikes, hunting, trap, fishing, billiards, and tennis- not to mention the great poker games and dominoes that broke out with the various visitors that happened by. Dad had made his ranch a wonderful place to be. I loved treating my friends to a visit, and he loved having us. It got pretty rowdy out there, at times. Like, when my nephew brought out his UZI, or we decided to do something particularly creative. The time we built a kite that was eight feet across and ten feet long, and decided to launch it from the back of a rapidly moving pick up truck, and let one of my little nephews run behind and hold the tail. Who knew he wouldn't let go?

Lisa and I had partied all night, and slept most of the day for the last few days. In fact, twelve hours before, we were still tangled together in the huge, soft feather bed in my father's guest room, kissing and whispering, and wishing we could get back home, so that we could have un-stifled, hot sex without my dad hearing us. We burned for each other, and as we lay quietly together, trying not to make any noise, we lovingly explored every inch of each other's body. There is something about being forced to control one's self that makes things SO exciting. Every touch was acutely intense. Every kiss was desperate with sexual hunger. Tension mounted quickly and thickly, as we stroked each other's soaking, wet cunt, with long, slow strokes. Occasionally pushing our fingers inside of each other's tight, hot pussy, it didn't take long at all until we were both gasping in simultaneous orgasms. I rolled my body on top of Lisa's and we kissed, our bodies together, and pushed our cunts towards each other, one thigh between each other's legs pumping together in rhythm and kissing passionately as our orgasms shook our bodies. And we did a very satisfying job under the circumstances. Still, we managed to control ourselves, somewhat. We kept the noise down, anyway. And we spent the evening of the last day of our visit with my dad having dinner and watching his favorite television shows until it was time for him to go to bed. Then we departed for home, excited to get there and to finally satisfy the heat that had been building between us. I didn't want to bring it up again. Truly. I hesitated. But- I still don't know why the hell we, or, at least some of "we," thought it was a great idea to take a highway out through the middle of an unpopulated area.

My father's ranch was pretty darned secluded. Secluded enough for me, anyway. The nearest neighbor was two miles away, and it was a thirty minute drive to the nearest grocery store. But, yes! There IS a Wal-Mart. In some areas of Texas, you can still accidentally wander off, never to be found again. And, the road that we turned off of must have been on the way to one of those places. We had been walking for almost two hours. There were no farm houses or barns. Just barbed wire fences and the occasional stray cow. I had not even noticed a driveway. Just a long, country road, winding through the rolling hills, apparently on the way to NO WHERE.

There aren't many good reasons, I argued, (back when Lisa and I were still speaking), to BE on a country road in the middle of the night, other than departing from visiting someone, or running from the law. No view. No fishing. No restaurants or bars.
I had hoped for the first hour that we walked along that someone would drive up at any moment. I was starting to give up on that fantasy.

"You, know, Lis?" I looked over at her, with a sigh. "This ain't looking good." I squinted in the darkness. "I think we should pray." And, with a scoff, and a cough, we did. And then, as if we weren't already scared enough- an angel appeared to us. A silvery, whispy, angel that mixed with the energy that rose from the broiling roadbed. Our angel said, "Do not be afraid! My name is Eva*. I have some chiva. Worry not, as ye shall suffer no harm." We were still stranded, yes. But- now we had some weed. It made our situation a lot more tolerable. I looked down with mild alarm at the big, fat, joint that supernaturally appeared in my hand.

*'Eva' is short for 'Evangeline'. Evangeline is an angel from Louisiana. She blew in to Texas with the hurricane Katrina evacuees. She is the angel with the wonderful singing voice, and she was heading to Austin to enjoy some great Texas music. And, you know that this part was total bullshit, I hope. But, what the hell- it's MY story.

"Lis. I don't think we were praying for the same thing." I passed her the joint, with a snorting laugh. But I can't say I wasn't guilty.

Lisa looked blue and black and gray in the starlight. Her eyes still managed to twinkle, even though she was pissed off at me. Lisa cleared her throat. "I know what you're THINKING, damn it, Blue," she snapped at me in the darkness. I felt guilty. I WAS just thinking it was her fault we were out here. We had not seen a sign of civilization since we turned off of the main highway, onto a farm-to-market road, AND THEN, decided to take a county road that cut through an even less populous area. Not even a barn. I did not know WHY she did that. I shook my head "no." Lisa growled. "Look, Blue, I told you a thousand times in the last two hours: WE HAD PLENTY OF GAS WHEN WE LEFT YOUR DAD'S. There is something WRONG, here. You're just STUCK on the part where you don't know WHY we're out here!"

We walked shoulder to shoulder along the shoulder of the smooth black-topped road. Had we stuck to our normal route, we would have been home by now. In bed, probably. And I longed to be with my Lisa. I hated being upset. We were irritable. I certainly was. But irritability did not stop me from enjoying the memory of our bodies together, and did not stop me from wanting to be home making love to Lisa. My stifled desires from days of unexpressed emotions, and feelings had me on the verge of hyperventilating. I caught a glance of her beautiful profile with her short, coarse, dark hair spiking in sharp shards in the black of night.

I finally decided it was time to stop blaming, and just deal with the situation. I didn't want my friend to feel bad, and I didn't feel like spending time being angry. It wasn't THAT bad. Either someone would come along in a car, or we would find a house, or we would get close enough to a transmitter for our cell phones to start working. Probably the worst thing that would happen would be that we would have to walk for 20 miles. I thought I could handle that. And, although I could think of things I would rather be doing - I wasn't missing anything. Except really great sex. I was pretty sure I would get over it.

I stepped in front of Lisa, and grabbed her by her shoulders. "Aw, Lisa, don't be mad at me. I love you. Let's just get on about our business, and the sooner all of this will be a memory." I held out my hand, offering a truce.
Lisa looked at me sternly, and crossed her arms in front of herself, in a huff. "Why won't you listen to me, Blue?" Lisa waited for an answer. She wheeled around on her heels, and groaned in exasperation, when I didn't respond fast enough for her. "I'm TELLING you, ASSHOLE . . ."
"HEY! No name calling . . . "
"OK. I'm telling you, BLUE," same thing, she muttered under her breath, mouthing the words clearly, so that I could easily read her lips. Even in the darkness. I rolled my eyes.
"SOMEONE either siphoned our gas, or cut a line, or we suddenly sprung one HECK of a leak in my fuel pump. And, I mean, it would have to be such a bad leak that we managed to lose about twelve gallons of fuel, in less than fifteen miles. I think we would have NOTICED something, or caught on FIRE if it were a mechanical malfunction involving that much fuel leakage. I was very accurate in estimating, and I was CERTAIN we could make it to the next gas station in Flatonia, if we cut through on my little detour. I had planned it out very carefully. If you MUST know, I had planned to get you out here, and SEDUCE you. But, you can FORGET it, now." Lisa looked at me like she was seeing something of extreme foulness. Like a rediscovered tomato in a plastic bag, previously forgotten for three months in the vegetable keeper. It was so great when you got it- and, now - just LOOK. All nasty and rotten.

Man, I didn't want this to be true. But I was coming to a realization that was long overdue. My personal denial, and anal retention, was about to get me in BIG trouble. I finally bit the bullet and accepted reality.
"You think it's Ricki. All the way out here." My hand on my hip, I leaned forward accusingly, shaking my long, blonde hair back over my shoulder. Lisa seemed to feel a little foolish for being so paranoid, now that she heard her thoughts reflected back to her. She shrugged her shoulders, and looked down at the ground.
"Well. That woman is insane. She has been a horrible pain in the ass." Lisa slapped her forehead, still looking down. She tried to isolate a good rock to kick along as we walked down the highway. It was too dark to see very well.

"Have you REALLY thought about what you are fearing? Because, if that woman went through the trouble to siphon our gas, or otherwise make us run out of fuel, then that means she has probably planned to be waiting at the end of the line when we ran out. There are only a few places where we could be. She IS a cop, you know. They know how to pull all of that espionage, crap. If she tampered with your car after we left the ranch, then the only possible place she could have done it would be at that truck stop, where we stopped in to go to the bathroom and buy diet cola before we turned off of FM 532. Maybe Ricki hangs out at that truck stop trying to meet lady truck drivers."
I tried to bring some humor into our situation. If what we feared was true, we could be in for a world of shit. But I do better when I can laugh in the face of fear.
"I doubt that her prospects for love in the Houston area are very good, these days. The lesbian community isn't THAT big, and I've told EVERYONE about her crazy ass. But maybe she was meeting another woman that she met in an online dating community. A poor, naïve, innocent, and unsuspecting woman." Lisa still talked to the ground. She didn't look up. God, she was dramatic.
Another sucker, like me, I thought to myself, as I digested Lisa's words. I met Lisa while trying to escape from Ricki. And, Ricki was a cop that I had met through an online "personals ad" board on the internet. She seemed so perfect for me. I read her profile, and she read mine. And both liked what we read. We emailed for months. Then we started talking on the phone. And, very soon, we thought we should actually meet.
It turned out to be a very unfortunate meeting. I had to literally escape from her house, and met Lisa when I was forced to borrow a telephone late at night to get myself out of the mess that meeting Ricki became so quickly that night. I had been running from her, ever since. She stalked me. She rummaged through my garbage. It was terrible.
Lisa and I, however, were instantly attracted to each other, and spent the night together that night that we met, and the next night. I had been seeing her ever since. But- Ricki had been stalking me ever since, too. I actually had to MOVE from my awesome apartment in order to escape from her. Piece by piece in the dark of night, I moved my belongings. In fact, until just recently, ten days before, when I was forced to move, Lisa and I had only been able to spend the night together if we rented a room. At least, now, we could be together at home. My home, anyway, since Lisa was still Ricki's neighbor. We were not 100% certain that Ricki knew about Lisa and me. We still had hopes that she did not know. And it would be a terrifying development if Ricki had sabotaged Lisa's car.
That would mean that she did know about us. And I just wanted to believe I was safe for a little while longer, before I had to formulate a plan to save us once again from the crazy woman. Until now, Ricki had only been reacting to my rejection of her. If she knew about Lisa and me in a relationship, she might now be reacting like a jealous lover.
I wondered if she could possibly get more vengeful or insane. And, I suspected that there was always room for improvement.
Lisa and I had gone out of town for a few days, hoping that Ricki would discover that I had moved out of my apartment, and give up on trying to find me, after she searched for me for a few days with no results. I was pretty sure she could dig around and find out where I moved to, although I was VERY careful, and even got my bills in other people's names. Also, my new roommate was in the police academy. Ricki would not want to alert anyone in law enforcement of her behavior. Police officers do cover for each other, and get away with doing horrible, vindictive things to their objects of desire. But they discriminate against lesbians. In this particular case, I was glad.

I had been very optimistic about my move to my new apartment. I was hoping that I had lost Ricki, and my troubles were over. And, I really wasn't up to thinking otherwise, just yet.
I even traded trucks with my father, so Ricki couldn't locate me by recognizing my vehicle. Our trucks were just alike, except for the color. My dad's was Aggie maroon, and mine was teal blue. Same year model. Same factory options. So, we just swapped. I was grateful that he made it so easy. He never drove his truck, anyway. He preferred his big, shiny, cushy sedan. His truck had half the miles that mine had on it.
I sincerely wished, at that moment, that I could just call my dad on my cell phone, and he would come driving up, and save me from this situation. Because the more I let myself think about it, the more I suspected that we were in big trouble.

"Well, OK, Lisa. I'm listening to you, now. And, I guess we need to put a whole lot more pep in our step, and find someone to help us REALLY quick. Before Ricki finds us."

We were in the hill country. I could see headlights creeping along, a couple of hills away.
I had hoped that Lisa wouldn't see them. But, she saw.

"Oh, fuck!" Lisa's head jerked to attention. She strained forward, trying to identify the vehicle. With no results, of course. It was a dark and moonless night, and the car was too far away right now. But, it was coming our way. I was suddenly awash with adrenaline coursing through my body. I felt the urge to run.

"OK. So-taking this road was a smart move. It may even save our asses," I admitted, hoping to regain some ground in our friendship. If Ricki intended to sabotage us, it wouldn't really matter where we turned off of the highway, after that last stop. She would have gotten to us no matter what. " . . . no where to hide . . ." That SONG again.
"I guess we'd better save all of that for later." Lisa broke into a trot. I quickened my gait, as well. We jogged for 30 minutes, uphill, and finally reached the crest. At the top, we got a view of the next valley of darkness - dotted by a few parking lot floodlights. That meant civilization. Or, something related to humans. We looked at each other, breathing hard from our upward climb. I moved in closer, and kissed her. Lisa raised her head, breaking contact, and looked at me somewhat defiantly.
"Okie dokie," I thought to myself, with a deep sigh. We hurried towards what looked like a parking lot from this distance. But, we were over five hundred yards away. We hoped that the headlights we saw across the distant hills didn't seek US, but the little pieces of this puzzle were starting to fit, and I'd be damned if it hadn't started to look a whole lot like Ricki.

"Well, baby. Looks like it's downhill from here."

"Gyad, Blue. I swear to fuck! You always sound like either, 'Peppy Le Peu' or '007'."
"You, know? You're not the first person that ever said that."
We jogged downhill more concerned with running too fast, than not running fast enough.

Finally, huffing and puffing, we reached the bottom of the hill. The lights that we saw from the top of the hill illuminated the parking lot of what turned out to be, a huge livestock feed lot. There were bob-tailed trucks parked all over the place. A solid acre of trucks, I estimated.

Catching my breath for a moment, I looked around at our good fortune. "Huhmmm, . . . sweet!"
"What do you mean, 'sweet'?" Lisa looked around. "This place is deserted. How is this 'sweet'?
"Oh, please," I scoffed. "Where I come from - this just represents a free fleet of trucks. Just here for the taking." I walked towards the nearest truck.
"So, you are going to steal that truck?" Lisa sputtered in disbelief.
"No!" I answered, with an exasperated "tsk!" "I'm just going to borrow it."
I rolled my eyes at her. I continued towards the answer to our problem, rolling up my sleeves as we walked.

Over the subtle wind, a sound carried from a great distance. It was the sound of an engine that neither of us wanted to hear. Funny how you actually learn the characteristics of the sounds that come from a person's automobile. That sound was coming from Ricki's little red pickup truck. Lisa and I both knew it. We had heard it too many times.

"OK. Whatever you say, Blue."

I looked at Lisa earnestly. I kissed her and put my arms around her and held her close. This time, she did not resist. Her eyes showed her faith in me.
The first truck that we came to was the first truck that I tried. I lifted the handle on the door and it opened. It was not even locked. "This is going to be gravy," I thought to myself, as I winked at Lisa to reassure her. Then I gave her a hand climbing up and into the truck. I walked around to the other side and climbed up joining Lisa inside the truck's big cab. I felt around for the keys, hoping they would be hanging in the ignition. No such luck. I would hot wire this mother fucker if I had to. Rules are, we try the easy way, first. Undaunted, I reached up and checked the sun visor. A tinkling, twinkling sound became music to my ears, as the keys, attached to a beaded chain slid down and fell into my lap with a "chunk." I grabbed them from my lap, and identified the one that looked like it would turn the ignition. My nervousness made me a fumbling mess. I got a key into the slot. I pumped the accelerator, and turned the worn, smooth, key in the ignition.
"VROOM!" the truck came to life.

"Thank GOD!" Lisa clapped her hands, and kind of jumped up and down a few times. Except she was sitting.

"C'mon, woman! Let's roll!"
Now. As usual, about the time that we were pulling out of the parking lot, the police came. I was so pissed at that point that I didn't even care. The big, obese, officer oozed his big fat ass out of his patrol car, and came to the window on my side, as I was driving slowly away.

"Yes, sir?"
"What is going on, here?"
"Well, off'cer . . . I been staying up there in Dillworth with my daddy, off of sem-niney-fi? (That means 'seven ninety five') And Billy Wayne, he was 'sposed to help me get some gas today, but he got a little too sloshed watching the ball game las night, and we have to be at work tomorrow, so we just going up the highway to get us some gas to get home on. We'll brang the truck right back!" Big 'ol fat lie. In a Texas drawl.
"Well, then. Oh. OK." The officer seemed to like our explanation.
"Yes, sir. We'll be back in just a short. That O.K.?"
Probably just happy that he didn't have to help in any way, our officer just said, "Alright, then. We'll see you in a few." Our officer actually tipped his stupid hat.
Typical Texas law enforcement. I love them so. They'll put you in jail for six months for no reason at all (like 'smarting off' to them), but they catch you red handed stealing a truck, and they let you explain it away and just drive off.

I punched the accelerator and we wheeled on out to the highway, where we had just been crunching along in leather boots for the last couple of hours.
I could see Lisa smiling at me out of the corner of my eye. I felt like I had just answered the million dollar question.

As we closed the miles between us, and Lisa's vehicle, the worry lifted off of me like one ton of bricks. We turned on the A.M. radio. Hank Williams sang, "Why Don't You Love Me Like You Used To do?" I glanced over at Lisa, and smiled as I mashed down and shifted the bob tail truck into it's second level of gears with a grind.

Finally, she smiled, and said, "I love you, Blue."
She leaned over and kissed me, and that made it all worthwhile.

A little red pickup with a poodle-headed blonde COP passed us going the opposite way, and we both gave a huge sigh of relief, and started laughing uncontrollably. Ricki. George Jones was singing "The Race Is On." We slipped her.

Before long, we were gassed up, and had returned the truck. Ricki was gone. The cop waited in the parking lot where we had first borrowed it. He drove off as soon as he saw me park it. Lisa followed and I jumped out of the stolen bob-tail, and joined her in the Acura, and we took off for home.

We rode silently for miles. Tired. The morning sun was creeping damned close to the horizon. I just wanted to be home. In another hour we got there. And when we got there- we went places we had never gone before.


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