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The sunlight came barging in far before we were ready for it.

Waking up with someone whom I have only just met is always an awkward experience for me. It's bad enough with someone that you know and love.

My bladder felt like it was about to burst. My breath........well.....going to sleep with wine in one's mouth produces a mighty foul morning breath. I was afraid to yawn. Might cause an explosion.

I eased out of bed, trying not to disturb Joie, the woman who had shared my bed with me the night before. Naked, and not bothering to find my robe, I stumbled across the carpet to my bathroom, and grabbed the mouthwash bottle, before I sat down to take a leak. I fumbled the child proof cap off, opened the bottle, and turned it up........and, about that time....Joie just walked right in. Startled, I spewed mouthwash over the entire bathroom, and choked half to death. Joie and I both started laughing, when I was able to breath, again. "oh, lord, don't make me laugh," Joie said through her chuckles, "I'm about to pop," she said, crossing her legs. She had to piss.

Once composed, I croaked "good morning", grabbing a towel, to wipe off some of the blue liquid. Joie sat down, as I was getting up, and reached to take the bottle of mouthwash out of my hand. Mouth full of defunkinator, she handed the bottle back to me. I took another pull, too.

Joie got up, and spit mouth wash into the sink, and rinsed it down the sink. "Do you have a real toothbrush that I can borrow?," Joie asked, washing her hands.

"Sure, girl. I'll find something for you." I opened up the bathroom closet, and went to a box I have for occasions when I have unexpected company. In the business I was in, I frequently had people staying with me. It was part of my job.

I book music acts. But, I don't do it like the big guys. I have personal associations with musicians, that I have made over time, and circumstance. I book these musicians when they are going to come through Texas on tour. Often, they have "dead time", where they have a day or two between scheduled performances. When they know that they are going to be in town with "dead time", they come and stay with me for free, and I book gigs for them into small venues where they would not ordinarily play, and they get paid CASH. The musicians are happy because they get to spend some time in a real home (and, it's free- no hotel bill, AND, they get unreported cash), their managers are happy, because I keep them out of trouble, on schedule, and entertained; and the club managers are happy, because they get great acts that would not normally be able to book. Everybody wins. Especially me, because I have a great time, and make plenty of money. And, I find it very entertaining. I also am a stand in bartender for many bars in town.( Like, a temp.)

I found a toothbrush in the box, turned, and handed it to Joie, who was now at the mirror, washing her face.

"Feel like a shower?" I asked, smiling brightly. I moved in next to her at the mirror, and grabbed my own toothbrush. My HAIR! It needed some attention. We both kind of smelled like smoke, from the night before. We had met in a bar. I squeezed a little paste out of the tube, and then moved out of the way, so that Joie could comfortably finish what she was doing. Then I brushed my hair with one hand, and my teeth with the other.

"Care to JOIN me in a shower?" Joie smiled slyly, looking at my reflection behind her in the mirror. I really liked this girl. What a cool lady. My imagination ran wild, as I considered the shower. Joie was such an attractive woman. Tall, thin, and dark, she was about two inches taller than my 5' 6". Maybe a bit more, even. My heart skipped, as I remembered the passion from hours before. I smiled at her, and raised my eyebrows.

She didn't have to ask ME twice.

We'd had sex for the first time, the night before (for more about THAT, read, A First Night Together). It was late when we got to sleep. I had made love to Joie, and then we fell asleep. Not that I was keeping track, or anything, but, it was my turn next. lol And, I was really looking forward to it.

While Joie was tending to her concerns, I went to the kitchen to tend to mine.

I could see that we needed provisions. I opened the refrigerator. There were 4 bottles of Veuve Clicquot, my favorite champagne. Yum. Some strawberries. A cantaloupe. Grapes. Cheese. Looked like breakfast, to me!

I got a bowl, and filled it with rinsed strawberries. Then, I cut up and cleaned the melon, and threw in some grapes. I put the champagne bottle in an ice bucket, and grabbed a couple of flutes. I figured out how to carry it all in one trip, and, loaded with necessities, I started for the gazebo.

Joie saw me coming back through the house. "I thought we were going to take a shower," she said, looking at me with a puzzled look.

"Oh. We are. Reach into that closet in the bathroom, and bring some towels, would you?" I continued to the gazebo. Joie got the towels, and followed, obediently, wrapping one around herself. "We're going outside?" she puzzled. I remained completely naked. "And, flip that power switch on the stereo, would you?" I asked her on the way out the french doors. "BLUE! Shouldn't you put something on, honey?" Joie urged. Futilely. The neighbors couldn't see anything.

Speakers throughout the house, and in the gazebo came alive with music, with a flip of that switch. "She's as sweet as Tupelo honey..........," Van Morrison sang, "she's an angel...........of the first degree.........." Very nice.

One end of the gazebo was enclosed for privacy. At that end, there was a big jacuzzi tub, and a shower. I turned up the jacuzzi's pump, and bubbles began to churn and bubble as the water started to circulate harder. It would be warmed up, by the time we got out of the shower. "Oh, wow!" Joie exclaimed, when she saw what my plan was. MMMMMmmm!! This is GREAT!," Joie gushed. "You have such good ideas," she kissed me on the cheek. I thought so, too. I was lucky.

After a minute or two of getting the jacuzzi operating properly, I decided to open the champagne. I peeled off the foil wrapper around the neck, exposing the cork. I'm going to save this cork, I thought to myself, silently, for a souvenier. I popped the cork out, and stuck it in the bucket, so I wouldn't lose it.

I poured champagne into the flutes, and handed one to Joie.

I raised my glass, "to excellent times," I said with a wink. I clinked Joie's glass, and took a sip of the champagne. Joie drank, too, and then bent nearer to kiss me lightly on the mouth, ans smiled, warmly.

I put my champagne glass on the edge of the jacuzzi tub, and walked to the shower. I turned the water on, and let the water heat up, and then motioned for Joie to join me.

I stepped under the warm water, and let it run over me. It felt WONDERFUL. I watched Joie's slim frame, as she made her way across the deck to join me. The sight of her excited me. The shower massage beat water down on us in it's rhthymic pattern, and we held each other close, and enjoyed the flowing water, and the flowing emotions. Van Morrison sang, "It Stoned Me". We danced slowly in the shower, bodies swaying together to the music, sharing the warmth of the flowing water.

I pulled my head back to look at Joie. She looked down into my eyes, and then kissed me, long, and deep. I loved the way Joie kissed. It was thrilling. Being with her. Being outside in the nude. The champagne. All was right with the world.

Soon, I felt Joies hands, slick with soap, sliding across my skin. "MMMmmmmm". I relaxed, letting her hands slide all over my body. It felt so, so good. We slid against each other, enjoying the slick sensation,with each pass of our bodies exciting us further.

We parted, sighing deeply. We both laughed. Quickly, I grabbed the shampoo, and lathered my long, blond hair. Joie soaped hers, too. Her back was to me. I watched her working the lather through wet black ringlets. A small pool of soap collected at the base of her neck. Soon, gravity won, and a thin, winding, rivulet of white soap, contrasted against her olive skin, began to trickle in a silver stream, slowly down her graceful back, following the curves, taking a sharp turn at her buttocks, and then continuing down the back of one muscular thigh, and to the calf, until it finally reached the the shower floor. The sun turned beads of water on her skin into a zillion tiny prisms. Suddenly, I was on fire.

Joie turned to catch me watching her with my pupils dilated, and my nostrils flared, taking her in, and loving what I saw. (In case you didn't know- you can tell if someone is attracted to you, if their pupils dilate, when they look at you, and REALLY turned on, if the nostrils flare)

She smiled, as she rinsed the soap from her hair. I stepped under the water, and began to rinse off, and felt Joie put her arms around me. I smiled. I felt my hair. No soap in it. I opened my eyes. Joie gave me a little smile.

Joie reached up, and pulled the shower massage from it's mount. She was behind me. She aimed the pulsing jet of warm water at my shoulders, letting the it beat my muscles. She moved the stream down my back. Then, she looped one arm around my waist, and pulled me closer to her, my back against her, With her other hand, she guided the shower massage down between my legs.

A jolt of pleasure shot through me, as the water found my clit, bringing some guttural, animal noise, that I hadn't heard before, from my lips. From behind me, Joie kissed my neck. I could feel her bush against my butt, almost in the small of my back. Joie continued with the assault of the water on my clit, kissing me, and holding me. Caressing my skin, her body pressed firmly to mine. Then , she moved her arm from around my waist, and reached up to find my breast. She squeezed it gently. She found the nipple and pinched it lightly. I could feel myself getting closer, and closer. God, it was so, so good.

That pinch sent me over the edge. I turned my body around towards Joie. She put her arms around me, letting the shower massage dangle, dancing, and spraying water, as it swung free, around our ankles. I pressed myself tightly against Joie, kissing her deeply, and pressing my pussy against her thigh, as the last waves of my orgasm shuddered through me. I could hear John Lee Hooker:

"........ and talk that talk,
and whisper in my ear,
tell me that you love me
I love that talk
When you talk like that,
you knocks me out,
right off of my feet
Hoo hoo hoo
Talk that talk, and walk that walk

Boom boom boom boom...."

and I was thinking, I could fall in love with this woman. I felt my heart pounding against her. I parted with a sigh, leaning back a little. "Ready for a little champagne, ma'am?" I whispered. I urged Joie towards the jacuzzi, turning off the shower.

We stepped carefully into the tub, and sat together, side by side on the bench, warm water churning, and bubbling all around us. We leaned against each other, sipping champagne, and enjoying the strawberries.

Suddenly, Jewel was singing, "You Were Meant For Me". Someone had changed the stereo. My roommate was home.

"Uh, my roommate just got home."

Joie gasped. "I'm getting dressed." She scrambled out of the jacuzzi tub, and wrapped herself in a towel. I politely followed. I would have just as happily stayed in, though.

I grabbed a towel, and walked ahead of Joie, making sure that she had a clear path to my bedroom, without running into my roommate, Dee. The way was clear, so, Joie hurried into my room to dress. I checked in with Dee. We didn't run across each other that much. I was usually in a club, or out of town, and Dee was a brand new cop, just out of the academy. She got all of the shit schedules, and no pay, which meant she also had to work extra jobs to make ends meet. Dee and I lived in this fabulous house that was owned by her oil exec father, who was in Saudi Arabia. We didn't pay rent, but the upkeep of such a home was EXPENSIVE.

Dee didn't have any news, and was exhausted. She listened politely, as I told her about Joie, and our wonderful time together, and how much I liked her. But, really, she just wanted a hug, before showering, and crashing. I obliged, giving her tiny frame a squeeze. There should be some law against allowing such a tiny woman to be a cop, I thought to myself. I worried about her constantly.

I heard my bedroom door slam HARD. Joie was glaring at me, anger all over her...........or, maybe it was fear...........she was upset.

She strode across the large den, shirt tail out, french cuffs flapping, still buttoning the front of her shirt. She only hesitated for an instant, on her way out the front door, and that was to say this one thing:

"You're MAD," was all she said, with a glaring, angry look, as she bolted out the front door. I could see her through the window, dialing her cell phone. Calling for a ride, I guessed, as she walked down the street with a very determined, quick gate, suspenders hanging down, and french cuffs rolled back.

I was standing in my formal dining room, wrapped in a towel, peeking through my drapes, in total shock. I didn't think it wise to try to stop her, for some reason. Mrs. Davis, across the street, was watching the whole thing from her balcony, sipping a glass of orange juice, and reading her paper.

"What the hell?" I turned around to see if Dee was still there. She was. She was such a turd, sometimes.

Dee started laughing. "Well, it didn't take you long to fuck THAT up." She was damned near rolling on the floor. I was completely bewildered.

"Alright, Ms. Officer, Ma'am. Let's go try to figure out what just happened, here,." I suggested. We went to my bedroom, to see if we could figure out what had offended Joie so much. And, what she meant by, "You're MAD".

After a thorough investigation of my room, and much discussion, and analysis- we still could not figure it out. It could have been nothing, or everything. She was in my room alone for a long time. I guess I would never know. Good lord.

I was crushed. My heart was sinking, deeper, and deeper, until I thought that I would cry.

"Damn, Dee. I think I fell in love with that girl." A tear ran down my cheek. My face tightened, fighting back my disappointment. My throat was tight.

Dee opened the refrigerator, and pulled out a bottle of fume blanc. She pulled the cork out, and poured us each a glass of wine.

"Come on. Let's go watch 'Xena' tapes, and take a nap." Dee pulled me along by my hand, and grabbed a big blanket, for us to wrap up in, on the soft carpet, in front of the big screen television. She grabbed the remote phone, just in case someone called. She knew I'd be hoping. Not that Joie had my number.

Dee was a great roommate. We piled up in front of the television with blankets and pillows. Dee's little dachshund, Scooby, joined us. And, we distracted ourselves, until my troubled mind drifted off to sleep.




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