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A First Night Together © 2011 MY SECRET OBSESSION


I had decided, as I got dressed that night, that someone would be accompanying me home, when I returned. And, I couldn't wait to meet the lucky girl- whoever she may be. I had not had sex in six months. I was feeling a little tense.

I admired my biceps, through my tight, long sleeved henley. I worked out every day since I moved in with Dee. I was happy to be seeing the results of all of those pushups. I was in good shape. As I inspected how my butt looked in my new jeans in my full length mirror, my adorable little house mate poked her pixie head through my bedroom doorway. She was so tiny, it was hard to believe she was a police officer. We were an unlikely pair. I was ten years older. We were just roommates. Strictly platonic. She had her friends, and family, and I had mine. We got along great as house mates.

"Whoooooooaah!, Blue! Look at you!" she grinned. She paused for effect, before adding, "You look like SLUT!" She was trying to provoke me. Dee loved to provoke me. She tried to provoke me, ultimately, into a physical FIGHT. She loved a wrestling match. It helped her stay on her toes. Being a cop included physical altercations. I grabbed a 5 lb. hand weight from the floor, and pumped my arms up, just a little bit more. I really hoped that Dee would leave me alone. I grabbed a 20 lb. barbell, and stood on my toes, and raised and lowered myself up and down, pumping up my butt, and calves. Yep. Sometimes I'm vain as hell. Dee rolled her eyes at me, and retreated to her own room. She was dressing for a night out, too, I realized.

I couldn't take the time to buy into her game. And, since it appeared as though Dee had plans for the evening, she would probably behave. I recalled visions of Dee before my LAST date. She jumped on me from behind, and gave me a HICKEY before I could fight her off of me. RUINED my chances of intimacy. Bitch. I wondered if Dee was just trying to get me to drop my guard. I was on a mission! It was Saturday night, and I was feeling great, and looking pretty darned good, too. I was going to go to my favorite lesbian bar, to hang out for a while, and then, I was going to go to a friend's band's gig, at another little local club. And, then, if necessary, I'd go back to point "a" (my favorite lesbian bar), and hang out a while longer. With hopes of meeting the woman of my dreams. I was feeling cocky and confident. I anticipated a very enjoyable evening, no matter what happened. I felt so great, that I doubted anything could change it.

I ignored Dee to the best of my ability, grabbed my bag, and shot out the front door, to my car, which was parked out in the driveway, in front of our house. She didn't follow. Yay! I loved her, but, she was a pesky little thing, sometimes. Dee could be pretty outrageous.

I cranked up my little red RX7 (I was temporarily truckless), clutch in, and let the car roll backwards, out of the driveway, and into the street. Then, I shifted her into 1st gear, and let her rip, out of our neighborhood. I loved where we lived. Our house was a huge, split level, ranch style. Three big bedrooms, and three baths. Formal dining. A huge kitchen with a breakfast area. And, the biggest den I have ever seen. The carpet was extra padded. It was great for entertaining. It was also great for working out. We had a beautiful garden in the backyard, with a big gazebo, and hot tub. And, tonight was perfect hot tub weather. Dee's dad, who was an oil executive, owned the house, but, he lived in Saudi Arabia and would be there indefinitely, so Dee and I lived in the house, and shared the expenses of running the household. Dee, as was already mentioned, was a cop, and I was a booking agent for musical acts, and occasionally, a bartender.

It was October. The weather was perfect. Clear, and 75 degrees, under a starlit Texas sky. My sunroof was open. My music was cranked up. I was listening to Jonny Lang. "Lie to Me". I love the blues. I love MUSIC. I like hip-hop and rap. Jazz. Alternative. And, being in the music business, I have seen everyone from Cannibal Corpse, to The Dave Grisman Quintet, but, the blues are what moves me.

I rolled up in there just about the time that Jonny Lang was singing "I got my clothes in a matchbox. Gonna forget about you...."

I parked my car and entered the bar. I walked through festive the crowd, smiling at familiar faces, and made my way to the bar. I found a vacant barstool, and took a seat. I reached into my pocket, and wrestled a $20.00 bill out, while I surveyed the room. There were a few familiar faces. I saw a group of ladies that I knew playing darts. I always shot great darts with them. I thought about joining them. And, then I thought about the fact that I would have to go back out to my car, and get my darts, and probably lose my barstool, in the process...I heard a "harumph", as MJ, the bartender, cleared her throat from the other side of the bar. "Hey!, Blue!", she shouted for my attention. I frequently felt like smacking her. Now was one of those times.

I turned around, and laid my $20.00 flat on the bar. "I would like a Michelob", I requested. I preferred wine. But, the markup on wine pissed me off. I would rather go to a store and buy a whole bottle, and stay home and drink it with someone special, than to pay for what they charged for 2 glasses at a bar, WISHING I was with someone special. It was such a blatant rip off. So, when I went out to bars, I drank beer. It was more of an honest mark-up. There are some things I don't mind spending my money on. Alcohol is not one of them. MJ, the bartender, took my money, and returned with a cold Michelob, and my change. I put a dollar in her tip jar, knowing what it's like to be a tipped employee. Even though she was comically rude, surly and obnoxious.

I stood, and turned my back to the bar, to look out over the crowd. I leaned back, resting on my right elbow, and holding my beer in my left hand. The pool tables were full. I watched a pool game, and listened while the jukebox played an old Barry White (God rest his SOUL!) tune, "Practice What You Preach". My beer tasted wonderful. I LOVE beer.

And, then...

This woman walked in.

I had watched her as she walked across the parking lot, and into the bar. And, now, I could see the front door from where I stood. She stopped at a booth to speak to a group of people. Then she started towards the bar. She kind of saw me, as she started to approach. I saw her look me up and down, and then glance at my face. I don't think she expected that I would be looking right at her. She looked somewhat embarrassed. I just smiled. She walked straight up to me.

She had a cocky look on her face. I assumed a cocky posture, myself, readying myself for some bullshit.

She was tall, and thin. Taller than I, and I am 5' 6". Her hair was solid black, and very long down the back. Shiny. Down to her waist, and in ringlettes that she had undoubtedly tried to convince to be straight. With no success. Curls will be curls. And hers insisted. But- they were silky with no frizz, and hung long. Her face was very attractive. Very handsome. Her look was androgynous. And, it was quite an erotic picture, she had created. Her clothes were men's business attire. Tailored, pressed, cuffed slacks, and crisp, white, starchy shirt. She had on leather suspenders, and shiny, lace-up dress shoes.

I looked pretty casual next to her, in my curve hugging jeans, and tight, white, henley, trying to show off my muscles. And, Cole Haan riding boots. She looked very "natty", I thought. In a very sexy way.

She got very close to me. She was at least 2 inches taller, I could tell, then. "How are you doing, tonight?" she asked me, and then added, "With your fine self..." she winked at me. And, with THAT, I could tell from her accent, that she was from Louisiana.

She turned towards the bar, and leaned over to tell the bartender what she wanted. She counted out enough money to cover what she had ordered. She had bought several drinks. I was kind of disappointed. Because, that meant she was going back to join her table of friends. I looked at her and sighed. She didn't notice.

The woman picked up her round of drinks. She smiled at me, and then took the drinks to her waiting friends. And, out of my realm.

I thought that would be all of that. And, went back to checking out my possibilities.

But, to my surprise, she came back. She strode back across the bar, to where I stood. She stood in front of me, her hands in her pockets. She looked down at my face, smiling. It was a long moment. For some reason, it did not feel uncomfortable, like it often can. Internal chemisty, maybe. I smiled at the thought. Her eyes followed the outline of my golden blonde hair, before looking into my green-blue eyes

I broke the silence. Kidding her. "So, you think I'm fine, huh?" I poked her shoulder, a little, with the palm of my hand, smiling.

She nodded,"yes" silently, looking very serious. I thought she was very funny.

Suddenly, I felt a little nervous. She was kind of forward. I turned towards the bar, breaking eye contact. I ordered myself a beer, and ordered one for my new friend, as well. She moved right in, next to me. I felt confident that I would get over it.

"My name is Blue", I extended my hand to her, in introduction.

"Blue?" she looked at me like everyone else does, when I introduce myself, and I could see her deciding it was a nickname.

I got my driver's license out of my back pocket, and handed it to her. Blue Blue Sleighty. That is my name. I kind of know what the hell they were thinking when they named me that. It had something to do with a private joke between my mom and dad, and my dad's favorite color, and drugs and alcohol, I would imagine, were in the mix, somewhere, knowing mom and dad. But, it turned out to be quite appropriate, because if you say it fast, it sounds like "Blue Blues Lady," (and, as I mentioned before- I LOVE the blues, and my job was booking musical acts). She verified that what I said was true, and handed back the card.

"Yes. Blue." I mumbled. I took my driver's license back, and put it in my back pocket. I enjoyed that weird little thing about myself. No one else ever seemed impressed.

"Well. That's different." she laughed. She extended her hand to me. "My name is Joie."


"No. Joie. J-O-I-E," she spelled for me.

"You are from Louisiana?"

"New Orleans ," she nodded. "Howdja know?" she threw her head back, tossing curls even farther down her back, and laughed a throaty laugh. DAMNED sexy. Joie had the blackest hair I had ever seen. And, black eyes, too.

I took her hand in mine. It felt nice. Strong. Long fingers. Very warm. I flirted, "I LOVE Louisiana. And, I love Creoles. Nice to meet you." I looked into her eyes. "What do you do, when you are not out looking for trouble, Joie?" I smiled at her, and felt the chemistry between us. Something I do not often feel. I was excited about the possibilities. I really liked this woman. Her style, carriage, her sense of humor. Her look of intelligence. Wit. And, a big, straight, white smile, with full, delicious looking lips.

"Oh, hell. You know. Read. Music. Festivals." She turned and looked at me, slyly." Sex." Flirting back. She waited for a reaction. I couldn't think of a good one. I kept my composure. "Come with me to the bathroom, Blue," she suggested, with a twinkle in her eye. Joie turned and tightened her hand, which was still IN mine, around mine, and pulled me along with her. I let her.

We cut through the crowds, and cut between the dart board, and the dart players, and across the crowded dance floor. They hated on us. Joie was leading the way. I hoped this wasn't cosmic foreshadowing. lol We reached the foyer in front of the bathroom, which was on the other side of a swinging door. It was lined with payphone stalls, and vanities. It was very dark. Beyond, was another swinging door leading to the actual bathroom, where there were toilet stalls, and hand sinks, and make up lighting.

Joie stopped in the darkness of the foyer. She moved close to me. She bent towards me, closing her eyes. We kissed. Our lips together. Then, parting, a little. Our tongues soon found each other. The tips touching tentatively. Joie's tongue, then growing bolder, and entering my mouth. My body pressed into hers, and my breath quickened. We parted, to look into each other's eyes. There was fire there. She said "You kiss me just the way I want to be kissed."

Other people started coming through.

"Let's go to my house", I said. Joie nodded. I wouldn't be going to hear that band, after all. Darn. Hah!

We left the bar in my car. Joie began to worry, a little, about what she was doing. Leaving with me. A stranger. (We met at 10:00 P.M., we left at 10:45 P.M.) With my weird name. And, my red sportscar.

"Don't worry. My housemate is a cop." I tried to reassure her. That didn't seem to help.

Fortunately, we were home quickly. I pulled my little car into the driveway. I leapt out, and opened Joie's door for her. I could see that the house impressed her. Aha! I worked on that. I led Joie down the path to the back gate. I took my key, and released the deadbolt, and pulled open the gate. I pushed Joie through the gate ahead of me. I heard her gasp, a little, in appreciation. It really was beautiful. The landscape was well lit. I took Joie's hand, and led her down the moonlit path to the gazebo. There was a table and chairs in the gazebo. A citronella candle was in the middle of the table. I found a chair for Joie, and then found a match, and lit the candle. The candlelight revealed the hot tub.

"This is great!" Joie seemed to be getting over her fears. She looked around, taking in the garden, and the gazebo, and the patio, and the french doors, beyond, that led into the den, and, just inside, and to the right, my bedroom.

"You know? It's kind of cold." Joie said. "Can we just go inside?"

"Oh. Sure. Come on in." Joie blew out the candle. I led the way through the french doors. Joie had a seat on the white leather sofa, and took in the room. I went to the kitchen, and returned with two wine glasses, and a bottle of white wine. I hit the stereo button. The CD player started playing "Soundtrack from Waiting to Exhale". My roommate's. I hoped it would be over soon. I liked that CD, but, there's a time, and a place for it. And, this wasn't it. I was pretty sure that "The Commitments", was next. "Dark End of the Street". Joie was looking at a hand carved teakwood room divider. I wasn't too clear on that piece. It was Dee's.

"This is a beautiful place", Joie remarked, looking around the room. An etched glass wall separated the kitchen from the den. The white sofa and loveseat were arranged in a group, close to the back door. That left a huge, wide open expanse of soft, carpeted floor. We never bothered to try to fill it with furniture, because we used the area to work out. But, the television, housed in built in cabinets, was 25 feet away from the sofa, which was rather inconvenient. "Thanks. I really like it, here," I replied, from the kitchen.

Whitney Houston sang, "Why Does it Hurt so Bad?"

I sat a wine glass in front of Joie, on the cocktail table, and put another glass on the table, where I thought I would be sitting. I poured wine into each glass, sat the bottle down, and joined Joie on the sofa.

I moved close to Joie. We each took our glass, and drank the cold wine. The alcohol relaxed us. We both knew what we wanted. Joie kissed me. The bathroom. We really wanted a bathroom.

"My bedroom is right beyond that door", I whispered to Joie, "and, there is a bathroom in there, too. Do you need to go as badly as I do?"

"Yes!", she whispered back. "Let's go in there." She got her wineglass, and the wine, and led the way into my bedroom. Up two steps. I tried to remember if I made the bed before I left. I was happy to see that I had.

I opened the bathroom door for Joie. I glanced at the toilet paper. Yep. Plenty. I gestured for her to go in. While she was in there, I hit the power button on my boom box, and lit some candles. The room was dark, except for the candle light. The room was filled with the scent of sandalwood emanating from the candle. The radio was tuned to a light jazz station. Kenny G played his saxaphone. "Even if My Heart Would Break".

I turned the bed back, and locked the doors. It was a big suite with private bath. It had one door out to the main hallway, and another door out to the den area, close to the back door. It was a nice set up.

Joie emerged from the bathroom. Her french cuffs were uncuffed, flapping long, over her hands, cufflinks safely tucked away, somewhere. Her trousers were off, and she wore aqua and black high cut sports briefs. I entered, the bathroom and left Joie with some privacy.

When I returned, she was in my bed, waiting for me. Aqua and black high cut sports briefs, on my chair, at the top of her stack of neatly folded clothes. I should have offered her hangers, I thought. I had undressed in the bathroom. We had both used mouthwash, and washed up a bit, because it had been smokey in that bar. I appreciate things like that. lol

Boney James was playing Ain't No Sunshine..........................................................the loooong version

© My Secret Obsession

Taking Joie into my arms felt so comfortable. We were both eager for sex. And, we were both relaxed about it. Joie was very sensual. She loved kissing, as much as I did. We pressed our bodies together. I could feel her springy bush against my thigh. I ran my open hand down her side, down to her buttocks. I felt the roundness, and enjoyed the smooth skin, and the firmness of her muscles. I ran my hand, further, over her body, her curves exciting me with every smooth, satin, stroke.

I traced my warm hand over her skin, down to her wet cunt, and pushed my fingers between her lips. She rolled onto her back, and spread her legs, allowing me to spread her cunt lips, and stroke her clit. My mouth sought her nipples, while my fingers rubbed her clit, using her own juices to make her clit slick.

I pushed my fingers inside of her. She was unbelievably tight. I slid one finger in and out of her cunt, and carefully pushed in a second one. She moved her hips to meet my fingers stroking into her. I fucked her with my index and middle finger, and used my thumb to touch her clit.

© My Secret Obsession

I moved down, between her legs. I found her clit, and sucked it into my mouth. I pushed my tongue flat against her clit, and rubbed it up and down, while I stroked my fingers in and out of Joie's tight pussy. Then, I explored her pussy with the tip my tongue. Tasting her juices. Tracing the lips. Running my tongue around her clit, into the crevices between her clit and her labia. I pushed my tongue inside of her, as far as it would go in. Then, returned my attention to her clit, again, licking and licking, up and down. Joie was enjoying my attention, her juices flowing, hot and wet. Her breathing was hard, and accentuated by her excitement. I could feel her blood pulsing under my touch. I teased and stroked, and excited her, getting high on the whole experience of being with Joie, and every moment, my own excitement mounted. I was so turned on. I was lost. Time had no meaning. The world was gone. It was just Joie and me, caught in a surge of passion, in some other dimension, far away from the distractions of our realm. And, every sound, and taste and smell and stroke of Joie's attentive hands seemed amplified above the normal intensity of perception.

I moved back to her side, and kissed her, while my fingers continued stroking her clit. And slipping inside of her tight hole.

"Fuck, that feels GOOD!" she whispered. "Don't STOP!" She was in no danger. I had not even considered stopping. I kept stroking her pussy, enjoying the way her muscles felt, clutching me. Her hips began to move up and down and she began to sigh, as she fucked my fingers. "You made me come, Blue" she gasped. She moaned and kissed me, and locked her thighs around my hand, my fingers still inside of her. Squeezing, as her pussy convulsed and throbbed. "Fuck! That's good. You're such a good lover, Blue".

I loved it when they said that. lol I squeezed her tight for a while.

I loosened our embrace. I got a wine glass from the bedside table, and filled it with wine, from the bottle we brought with us. I took a big gulp, and passed it to Joie.

"Are you in a hurry to get anywhere, Joie?" I asked. I was looking forward to waking up with Joie.

"I have no other place that I need to be." Joie took a long sip of wine. I was very happy with her answer.

We both got up to go to the bathroom, and, I blew out the candles, and then got back into bed. We snuggled, and sipped wine, until we were a little buzzed, and sleepy. Then, as John Coltrane played, "They Say It's Wonderful", we dozed off to sleep, kissing, and cuddling. It WAS wonderful.



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