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The art of Irvin Bomb

         EROTIC LESBIAN STORIES . . . and more

Virtual Lesbian Pulp Fiction ~ For the 21st Century Lesbian

LESBIAN STORIES New story by Blue!
Are you in the mood for a thrilling read? Enjoy the erotic lesbian stories of Blue Sleighty, Domina Angelus and Nina Cutler! You won't be disappointed!
4-26-2011 NEW STORY!

Enjoy these original stories, many illustrated with original artwork. They were created especially to appeal to women. Lesbian erotica with a plot! has been officially proclaimed EROTICA (vs. SMUT or PORN). I want to thank THE LANCE for inclusion as an erotica source in their article,"Exploring Erotic Tales: Smut or Literature?"    Thank you!!


"How to Love Your Lesbian From Her Head to Her Toes",   a series of articles by writer and lesbian sex expert Blue Sleighty. Part III is now available.

Ever read Blue's Oral Sex Guide?
Go to the LESBIAN SEX ED page.
You will find lots of good information and resources.
We have links to the best information available to make your sex life sizzle! We have one of the best sex toy stores available on the internet. We not only have one of the best selections available, we bring it to you at very reasonable prices.

Get the most stylish harnesses available for your strap on enjoyment as seen on "The L Word" from Outlaw Leather, Seattle.

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See the NEW artwork of Irvin Bomb ! For all of you PIN UP  art fans ! Lots more on the Erotica / Pinups page. If you like to paint or draw and you need inspiration, this page has beautiful models. If you are excited by glamorous, beautiful, exotic women, this page is for you.

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The new page-turning lesbian erotic THRILLER! Blue knows some of Jade's secrets . . .

Jade is a first time author and Secretly Bound is a delicious combination of a sensual, passionate, erotic love affair combined with a terrifying thriller.  Full of twists, it will keep the reader unable to predict its course, even to the very end!

RELATIONSHIPS Need dating and relationship help and information? We have a doctor in the house (or, her link, anyway). And we have links to other great, relevant sites that can offer helpful insight into lesbian relationships and one-on-one advice!
-Plus, a little advice from Blue Sleighty. Always with humor.

Blue Sleighty is a TOP RATED expert at ALLEXPERTS.COM . (ALMOST a 10 with over 1600 prestige points) Please do not hesitate to write if you have questions regarding sexuality, sexual orientation, writing / self publishing, or any other concern. Blue is here for you. This is absolutely free.

Blue is always available for questions. blue at mysecretobsessiondotcom .

Erotica, lesbian, lesbian erotica,

We promise to bring you fresh new entertainment, often. If you enjoy reading erotic stories you are in the right place. We think you will enjoy the lesbian erotic story archives that we have linked to, on the Exciting Stories page. Very hot stuff. FREE! And, plenty of it! All links are quality checked and POP-UP FREE. Check back often for TRUE CONFESSIONS: The wild true tales of Blue Sleighty, a free spirited, sexual adventuress. Humorous lesbian erotica with a story line and a plot. Guaranteed to turn you on! Blue has written 2 collections of lesbian short stories and 3 novellas, as well as 100 poems.
EBOOKS for Kindle, iBook, Nook and more are available there as well.
Many are FREE! links to the best lesbian erotica story archives available on the internet. 1000's of free stories for your pleasure.

SEX TOYS Have you ever wished that you could have just a little more information about sex toys before you bought them? Like, how to best use them ? Our SEX TOY site offers instructional VIDEO! Many of the items available have video demonstrations, all have explanations, and most products have reviews from satisfied customers. We have exciting stories about lesbian interludes that included using sex toys. Also links to websites addressing lesbian and women's sexuality.


CHAT Would you like to chat? We have our own lesbian chat room!. We also have an adult virtual interactive bar. Come to the Red Light Center and play with new friends!

If you WANT to see some carefully selected lesbian pics and adult video, that doesn't bombard you, and hijack your browser, and all of that other nonsense, please click Sapphic Erotica. Available from "XX Adult XX" or the "True Confessions" pages. Sapphic Erotica is the best lesbian erotica available. My Secret Obsession is proud to offer it! My Secret Obsession does not track you AT ALL. EVER.
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