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NEW STORY 4-26-2011
Burning Cotton Posted here in it's entirety for a short time.

An excerpt:

There was a noticeably strange tension building between us when we got to the bedrooms. By the time we had gone through three bathrooms and four of five bedrooms, I was so excited that I was having trouble controlling my breathing. My youth and inexperience causing me great angst and desperation, I prayed that Lt. Cole either did not notice, or contributed the reaction that I feared she saw in me to stress and not the overwhelming attraction that I felt towards her. I tried to stay far enough away so that she could not tell. Inside I was a complete spaz. My heart was pounding so hard that my pendant was bouncing off of my chest.

Anger Management (A.K.A. 'The Truce')
I huffed and puffed from my efforts, glaring at Jag. She looked away as someone knocked at the back door. I stomped to it red-faced to answer it. Our friend and neighbor Jean jumped slightly as I sternly yanked the massive wooden door open.

"What the hell is going on?" She was very alarmed.

I pointed accusingly at Jag who worked with a broom behind me sweeping up my mess. "She doesn't think I fuck her enough," I shouted angrily - still out of control.

"Uh, okay then. I'll come back later." Jean backed away, then turned on her heels. I slammed the door.

Kat. The Texas Tornado: "Come on, Blue."
"Really? I don't fucking believe it! You're a hermit. You swear you won't back out?"
"Sure! When are we going?" This was totally against my nature, and my rules. But- she was an old friend. A really sexy and beautiful old friend that was coming on to me like a Mack Truck.
"I don't know. Whenever you want. Do you want to have a couple of drinks first? Are you hungry? Actually, I have all we could possibly want to eat or drink at home. Unless you would just prefer to take me out to a fabulous restaurant." Kat winked mischievously. I smiled as I wondered why I did shit like this.

Running Through The Hills: So, you are going to steal that truck?" Lisa sputtered in disbelief.
"No!" I answered, with an exasperated "tsk!" "I'm just going to borrow it."
I rolled my eyes at her. I continued towards the answer to our problem, rolling up my sleeves as we walked.

Over the subtle wind, a sound carried from a great distance. It was the sound of an engine that neither of us wanted to hear. Funny how you actually learn the characteristics of the sounds that come from a person's automobile. That sound was coming from Ricki's little red pickup truck. Lisa and I both knew it. We had heard it too many times.

"OK. Whatever you say, Blue."

I looked at Lisa earnestly. I kissed her and put my arms around her and held her close. This time, she did not resist. Her eyes showed her faith in me.
The first truck that we came to was the first truck that I tried. I lifted the handle on the door and it opened. It was not even locked. "This is going to be gravy," I thought to myself, as I winked at Lisa to reassure her. Then I gave her a hand climbing up and into the truck. I walked around to the other side and climbed up joining Lisa inside the truck's big cab. I felt around for the keys, hoping they would be hanging in the ignition. No such luck. I would hot wire this mother fucker if I had to. Rules are, we try the easy way, first. Undaunted, I reached up and checked the sun visor. A tinkling, twinkling sound became music to my ears, as the keys, attached to a beaded chain slid down and fell into my lap with a "chunk." I grabbed them from my lap, and identified the one that looked like it would turn the ignition. My nervousness made me a fumbling mess. I got a key into the slot. I pumped the accelerator, and turned the worn, smooth, key in the ignition.
"VROOM!" the truck came to life.

My Liza : Suddenly, Liza pulled off of the freeway. She took a quick exit, and drove down the feeder street into a parking lot that was empty. It was still only 6:30 in the morning. Few people were out, yet. She threw her Corvette, 'Scarlet' into park, and turned to me and said, "kiss me Blue."

"Uh. What?" I wasn't ready for a request like that, and certainly not from Liza. We had lived together for over two years, and although we often snuggled when we watched television, and gave each other hot oil massages, I never entertained the thought of sex with Liza. I just never let myself go there.

"Kiss me."

"Are you insane, honey?"

"I've been thinking about it for a long time. And, I've had such a great time with you, last night, and today. And, last night- all of your friends thought we were together. You know that, don't you?"

I hadn't really thought about it. I guessed she may have been correct.

"Just kiss me."

>>REVIEW of My Liza: It would take a gorgeous Texas lesbian to write this story, and one did, Blue ... Blue Sleighty. As far as I am concerned, Blue is the road map to lesbian erotica. She knows her way around this genre. She gives good directions, takes us off the pavement once in a while, cools us off in the water, and she NEVER gets us lost, a woman who knows her area. The thing I find most alluring is her spontaneity in which she totally takes us on an erotic road carnival and when you think you're on the Ferris wheel, she turns you on to the roller coaster. She delivers her stories with plot and passion. Thanks Blue. SAGE SWEETWATER

A First Night Together: "Whoooooooaah!, Blue! Look at you!" she grinned. "You look like a slut!"

The Morning Comes Around: A small pool of soap collected at the base of her neck. Soon, gravity won, and a thin, winding, rivulet of white soap, contrasted against her olive skin, began to trickle in a silver stream, slowly down her graceful back, following the curves, taking a sharp turn at her buttocks, and then continuing down the back of one muscular thigh, and to the calf, until it finally reached the shower floor. The sun turned beads of water on her skin into a zillion tiny prisms. Suddenly, I was on fire.

Good Night, Heartache: "Joie?," I whispered.

"Yes, baby?"

"You know how sometimes you meet someone, and it just feels like you've known them forever?," I asked sweetly.

Joie hesitated before answering with a tentative "yes?"

"Well," I said, "that ain't us."

The Dull Surprise: We danced slowly together, moving closer, until our bodies were pressed tightly together. As I brushed against her, I felt a hard, bulge in her trousers as it pressed against my lower pelvis. I gasped as I realized what it was.

>>REVIEW of THE DULL SURPRISE: Wow! Sleighty this sure gives me a whole new insight into the lesbian love relationship, and I hope you don't mind my saying so- lesbian story or not- it sure was a hot write. FELIX PERRY


Story #15

Kat. The Texas Tornado

Story #14

Running Through The Hills

Story # 3

A First Night Together

Story # 4

The Morning Comes Around

Story #5

Goodnight, Heartache

Story #11

The Dull Surprise

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The Strap On Story (told with a bit of humor)

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The Blues Singer: I didn't see Bette, anywhere. I was scared! I was terrified to let myself realize that it was really happening. She probably wouldn't show up at my apartment. Would she? nah She'd think about it, and feel as terrified as I did, and she wouldn't show up. God. I hoped she didn't show up. My mind raced through all sorts of possibilities. I shivered, as I wondered what the rest of the night would hold in store. And, I braced for terrible disappointment.

In case she didn't show up.

The Rendezvous: The next instant her soft lips were pressed against mine. I wrapped my arms around her. I felt the energy flow between our bodies. It was bittersweet. My heart stung, as all of those weeks of healing were abruptly snatched away with one kiss.

The Retreat: Even with eyes closed tight, the sounds conjured up images. Crashing waves, and the soft rush of the constant sea breeze. A feast for the senses. And, with eyes open, there was beauty in every direction. I could see some clouds starting to gather, as I strained to see from my position in the big king sized bed where Bette and I were currently reposed, after another kind of feast. Two lovers feasting on pleasure.

The Warning: "I said, TAKE OFF ALL OF YOUR CLOTHES. RIGHT NOW!" I tried to sound serious.

"What? Are you kinky, or something?"

The Disappearance: Bette had a lot at stake with this tour. I didn't want to upset her right now with any startling revealations about her old man, whose attention she craved, and approval she tried hard to get, but never received. And, now, it was evening. Bette was taking a shower. And, while she was busy, I was adding a brick to a black plastic bag with Mr. Elliott's shirt, wallet and car keys in it, and was about to sink it in the lake. I used black plastic, hoping it would attract less attention if it for some reason, resurfaced on the water. My apartment was right on a lake. I just loved it there. But, what I was about to do, made me wonder how many other secrets that lake held within it's muddy shores.

The Personal Ad: She was an attractive woman. She had sandy blonde hair, and a sprinkling of freckles, like a redhead in disguise, and green eyes. A combination that I have since learned to avoid. When we consider the animals of the earth, and we look at their natural camouflage, we can, with common sense, associate their coloring, and characteristics with the natural habitat from which they come. The tabby cat's stripe blends in with the bark on a tree, where he customarily dwells. The Doberman has dots over his eyes, so that when his enemies see him sleeping in the dark, they think his eyes are open, even when his eyes are closed; the baby fawn has white spots on it's brown back, so that it will blend into the snowy landscape of the early spring. And, the sandy headed, green eyed woman is colored so, I am now convinced, to blend with the monstrous green eyed devils and lapping flames of the pits of hell.

She's Ducking Out: My phone was ringing constantly. My email box was full. My doorbell was being leaned on. I was watched. Followed. My trash was being searched. I was being stalked, harassed, and threatened.

The Shaft: "Look at this!" The doorway was filled with bubbles. From floor to ceiling.






an unsolicited review:

Rating: 10
Reviewed by R. F.(visitor)


Got to love THAT! Even from a guy. No offense, RF. What the h? Love, BLUE



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